Website Photo Content



These images were shot solely to be used for the website. They are mostly shot on a white seamless background in order create a clean look and have the written copy stand out.


It also makes both the image and the copy flow well together when scrolling through the page. These images may show up in the Allergy Free Cooking Books or on social media but the main purpose is to use them on the site. 



The top eight allergens are visually represented in different ways that will help the viewer identify the substance. These various presentations are a way of educating the viewer on being aware of how differently the allergen can be presented in a meal.



Just because the substance isn't as a whole, it doesn't mean it is not present. In fact, most allergens are key ingredients in processed packaged food sold in American supermarkets. It is the individual's responsibility to look at the ingredient list and to ask if their allergen is present. 


Esmeralda Ruiz